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My Style Stories 1st Birthday + Giveaway

Hello everyone!

Exactly a year ago, I posted my first blog post… and so My Style Stories is officially 1 year old today! Yey! I can’t believe it’s been a year already; it has been very challenging on my behalf juggling family life, work and sorting out my blog. It means so much to me that I put so much time, effort and thought into each post.

My passion and inspiration started from giving back love to preloved items, looking for goodness out of the final reduction sale piles and visiting local charity shops for amazing finds and vintage pieces. I buy the must have prints or colours of the season to pair it with my old items to make it look current, putting all my preloved and vintage items together to create the look that I wanted, maximizing my wardrobe by mix and matching- swapping and changing clothing and accessories for both day and night look (and breath)… and nothing wrong buying classic and timeless designer pieces once in a while. I thought I’d share my style stories here hoping to inspire and continued to be inspired too.

Below are my compilations of my outfits for the whole year, and of course, my humble anniversary Giveaway.

autumn outfit ideas

A/W outfit ideas

winter party and day outfit ideas

spring outfit ideas

spring outfit ideas

spring summer outfit ideas for less

I’ve also shared on my blog places where I’ve been and new experiences and events that I’ve been to, whether with my family and friends or venturing on my own. Places that you might want to visit one day or experiences that you might want to consider trying.

my summer style guide

summer outfits

summer style for less

shorts and skirt pairings

autumn winter outfit ideas

autumn-winter outfit ideas for less

Being shortlisted out of 43,000 blogs at the Cosmo Blog Awards 2013 as Newcomer Blog, was one of the amazing things that ever happened to me. Being recognised on something that you’re passionate about was incredible, it just never happened to someone like me and I am very grateful indeed!

As promised in my previous post that I will be doing a giveaway this month, together with my blog’s 1st anniversary as my way of saying Thank You! So without further ado, here are the items up for grabs!

win an elegant necklace blog giveaway

Prize 1

One will win this elegant NEXT necklace, as I’d promised on my previous post (that I will be sharing one item from the Cosmo Blog Awards goodie bag), plus a £25.00 High Street Voucher of your choice to buy a dress- since Christmas parties are a month away!

oldest sweet shop in England giveaway

Prize 2

One will received a jar of assorted sweets from The Oldest Sweet Shop in England. Yep! The official World Guinness record holder as the oldest sweet shop in the world.

win a dressmass giveaway

Prize 3

One will own this tangerine shift dress. The dress is very special to me, only worn it once at the Cosmo Blog Awards. So even if you weren’t there, sharing this dress would mean sharing that awesome experience too! (Fits UK size 8-10)

To WIN, simply leave a COMMENT below on why I should pick you to win the item of your choice.

You can also follow My Style Stories on Bloglovin, Twitter, Instagram or like my Facebook Page, for extra chances of winning!

This giveaway is  open to all MSS readers and followers both new and old- worldwide! Winners will be announced at the end of this month. For any inquiries about the giveaway, please leave me a comment below.

All the best and Goodluck!

Lots of love,

Chew - My Style Stories

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  1. Cherry Love M. Enriquez says:

    I like the prize number 1, because i dont have necklace like that and i really really like it.
    You should pick me because i follow your style especially when it comes to denim. Thank you and god bless. :-)

  2. jackie says:

    what mesmerize me of the 3 price is the Price 1 chu, so elegant and I think i can use it in our coming Christmas Party. Hope I can have it and this will be your Xmas gift to me.. :)

  3. irish cuyos says:

    i loved your fashion dear, nice styles and combinations of dresses. hope so you will pick me any price i will appreciate. thanks

  4. I love the necklace…having it frm u means a lot to me…I think t’will suit to any style but fits very well to a glam-rock theme…I would love to pull it out using mystylestories fashion ideas!!! Hopefully….:)

  5. If Id have to choose between the prizes, I would pick the ultimately glam and classy tangerine dress. I voted for it to be worn by the blogger at the Cosmo Awards, coz I love it. I WOULD want to have it so I can brag around town, how it went to Cosmo thing, hehe. SERIOUSLY, i want want it coz I never had an orange clothing like ever, and maybe its time to step out of my comfort zone and try bright colors… kisses!

  6. reynalyn says:

    i like to choose the prize 3, i would like and love to wear that simply amazing and elegant dress… :)

  7. NennaO says:

    Congrats babe! I just fell in love with that dress! I´ve been looking for a perfect dress and there it is. I definitely should win it!;) Else I will have to buy one :D I follow you via bloglovin as NennaO

  8. bernelle cuyos robles says:

    Hi Chew, everytime I do my fb thing, I always go to your account just to see what’s new w/ your fashion closet, you inspired me as a woman and I felt like I was there too! I like #1 because I am collecting necklaces & earrings…Super like, like, like…God bless you more Chew…

  9. Congrats on blogging for one year!! I always really enjoy stopping by to look at your outfits :) I’d love to win any of these things, but that orange dress is really gorgeous! I follow you on Bloglovin’, Twitter and Facebook :)

  10. cherryl taylor says:

    Congrats dai!I like to choose prize 1 and 2:)x


    I love your style :) and the dresses too ….

  12. Love checking out your posts Chew .. you look great in all the pictures. I never have time to get dressed up nicely, tend to be in wellies in the mud most of the time with the dog and kids.
    One thing I do love though is sweets :)

  13. Congrats on your year anniversary! Yay!
    I would love to win that necklace, it’s beautiful! It would go with lots of outfits too and I can think of many items I own that it would go perfectly with :)
    I love your blog, it’s full of inspiration for my own fashion and you always look lovely whatever you wear!

    I follow you on twitter and bloglovin

    Amy :) x

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