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Strawberry Nail Art Tutorial

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Here’s some strawberry nail art I did for a friend of mine that I’m going to share with you, I’ve added some simple tutorial steps as well. She’s going on a holiday and asked me to do something fun and pretty nail art, so I suggested the strawberry nail art design I did last summer.

strawberry nail art tutorial

I did this Strawberry nail art on acrylic nails as she wanted to just stick them on and take them off as and when she wants during her holiday.

strawberries nail art tutorial

  1. Start with a red base coat.
  2. Paint the leaves with white nail polish first. (This step is optional, you can skip to step three as you wish. The reason behind painting it white first is that it emphasizes the colour green much better.)
  3. Paint over the leaves this time with green nail polish.

nail polish and nail art brush

I’ve used a thin brush (as above) to paint the triangles for the leaves, before painting over the nail polish. It just gives you that neat finished.

simple summer nail art tutorial

  1. Draw the seeds using a toothpick.
  2. Protect your nail art with a clear topcoat. It gives you that shiny finished and makes your nail art lasts longer as well.

strawberries nail art

My friend loves a sparkly and glittery nails… and as you can see, I painted over the green leaves with a sparkly green nail polish before putting my topcoat. If this was not for you, you can just leave the green leaves as they are.

strawberry nail art

Hope you find this Strawberry nail art tutorial helpful and thank you for dropping by. See you again soon!

Lots of love,

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