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Simple Halloween Nail Art

Hello everyone! How’s the Halloween fever creeping up on you?

I haven’t done nail art for awhile if you’ve noticed, so I thought today was the perfect time to finally do a new one. And as you’ve already probably guessed, the theme of my nailart is Halloween inspired.

colours of halloween

simple halloween nail art ideas

famous themes for halloween


I’ve chosen to do the halloween symbols in black nail polish against the orange background, the two favourite Halloween colours. I’ve chosen to paint the spooky cemetery, scary pumpkins, ghastly ghost, that haunted house at the end of the street and of course a wicked witch on her broomstick. A simple nail art that says you’re ready for Halloween!

famous halloween costume inspiration


symbols of halloween

simple halloween nail art tutorial


halloween outfit ideas

I hope you’ll have a fangtastic Halloween, that’s filled with more treats and less tricks!

with love,

Chew - My Style Stories

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