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Quick and Easy Nail Art- Spring & Summer Inspired

Feet are not one of the nicest thing to look at, especially mine. I do try make an effort to at least make my feet look cute, by directing the attention straight to my toe nail art instead.  Plus I really wanna share with you my quick and easy nail art to get your nails spring-summer ready in just three steps.

First, choose your favourite spring-summer colours.

spring colours nail polish

Second, paint it on your toenails.

colourful nails

colourful nails

Third, dab your dotting tool on  white nail polish and randomly tap it on your nails like this…

polka dot nail art for spring and summer

… and voilà!

polka dot toe nail art for spring

Just don’t forget to protect your nail art with clear top coat, it’s a must if you want it to stay longer. Hope you find these three easy steps to spring-summer nail art helpful and thanks for dropping  by.

with love,

Chew - My Style Stories

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