Angry Birds No More

I did this nail art when angry birds was at it’s height, I thought the characters looks cute so why not paint it on my nails. My angry birds may still look angry but in my version, the birds are a lot friendlier… As they now wanted peace with the piggies :) Once again thanks […]

A Shoe Love at First Sight

This is a story about a love at first sight…. Once upon a time… I browsed the Zara website, and found this elegant shoes. My eyes were filled with hearts and I cannot wait to have it in my arms, and so I went for next day delivery! ;) There’s no denying it, I fell in love all […]

I Fall For Earthly Colours

I was inspired by earthly colours when I was putting this outfit together, although I think these colours goes well with Fall/Autumn season, there’s the possibility that it can look a little bit boring. But I think it all comes down to how you style each and every outfit and your choice of accessories that makes all the […]

Tartan Meets Shades of Grey

I bought this Autograph(Primark) tartan dress a year ago from a charity shop for a bargain but have never worn it, well until my friend came to visit one afternoon and decided to take me out for a meal, and catch up with what’s going on with our lives whilst we’re apart. Since it’s been a bit cold […]

Newspaper Nailart

This was my first ever attempt at nail art. I was inspired to try one myself after browsing Pinterest, when I came across a post with similar nail art idea. I was curious to see if it was really going to work, but to my surprise it turned out pretty cool. It’s so quick and […]

Layers of Autumn

The weather was a little cold but the sun was shining revealing the beautiful colours of the season. Lots of leaves on the trees and on the ground yellow, orange, brown with the mixture of green lush grass and silhouettes of the trees in the background… ooh it must be Autumn! So I quickly grab […]