Fun Blue & Grey Day

Every time I’m in London, I always find time to visit Covent Garden. I love this district not just because of it’s history & architecture or the surrounding markets and shops, but it’s world-class and amazing street talents. During my visit, the British Heart Foundation had installed these five small metal mesh sculptures – a […]

Denim Love: Denim on Denim

.  Denim has believed to be used since the 17th century. Today, this sturdy cotton warp-faced twill textile is still widely use worldwide, from clothing, accessories to furnitures. I must say, fashion will never be the same without the creation of the world’s oldest and most treasured fabric, and like Denim itself, my love for it is […]

Love Growing Hearts Nail Art

Here’s a nail art that I called “Love Growing Hearts” that I did for a friend last night. She wanted a simple valentines day theme but a colourful one, hmmm she’s not asking too much isn’t she? ;) So here’s what came to mind. Then I found this old heart-shaped picture frame for her to […]

My Valenstyle: Florals & Shades of Pink

One more day left till Valentines Day… have you got an outfit or two yet? ;) Floral prints will be flourishing this spring-summer 2013… and since I can’t wait, I’m already wearing one for my girly valentines day outfit. I bought this floral print vintage dress online last year for two quid, how awesome was […]

DIY Heart Shaped Elbow Patches

I bought this jumper at Primark because I love it’s mixture of colours, it has a spring-feel to it and looks nice and cosy too. But then I thought there’s something lacking to it, something else should be there, and the first thing on my mind was elbow patches! I original planned to recycle one […]

Valentines Day Nail Art

Hello!! It’s that time of the year again when we’re all formally reminded of the most powerful thing there is… Love! ;) I had many designs in mind for my nail art this month but this one was my favourite… Just random and assorted “all about love” freehand art on nails. As you might see, […]

Valentines Day Outfit: Red, Black & Lace

Hello February…. and here’s my Valentines day outfit number one ;) I’m really struggling to shed off what I’ve gained during the last Christmas feast and treats, so sleeveless top was the last thing on my mind when shopping. I am happy being petite although I think I was given the wrong pair of arms.. […]

Cosmic Inspired Nail Art

Cosmic is one of the hottest trend for Spring-Summer 2013. Designers are not just looking for inspiration from what’s around us, they’re looking through space and beyond too! But why look far when you can have it right at your fingertips? Here’s a nail art inspired by cosmic colours and highlights of the galaxies. It’s […]

Keep Warm & Carry On

Here’s  another post before the snow melts ;) I am wearing a lovely jumper that I recently purchased on sale (with extra discount) from Bliss Clothing in Harrogate. It’s reasonably chilly this weekend but not as cold as last week.. so I  just layer a couple of thermal vest underneath to keep me warm, and still  be […]