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Newspaper Nailart

This was my first ever attempt at nail art. I was inspired to try one myself after browsing Pinterest, when I came across a post with similar nail art idea. I was curious to see if it was really going to work, but to my surprise it turned out pretty cool. It’s so quick and easy, I couldn’t have picked a better starter nail art myself.

All you need is a white base coat, clear top coat, newspaper and alcohol.

1. First, apply white top coat.

2. When dry, soak the nail in alcohol for a few seconds, then place the newspaper print side down on the nail.

3. Rub it gently onto the nail while keeping the newspaper in placed.

4. Do this for about 4-5 seconds and try not to press too hard as this might cause the paper to stick.

5. Peel away the newspaper and repeat steps until all fingernails are done.

6. Apply clear coat to finish… and Voila!!


I’ve  used cartoon characters from comic strips on each thumb just to add a bit of character. You can also try nude or a light grey base coat, which ever works for you and your outfit.


Hope you’ll have fun trying this out, and please let me know what you think.

Lots of love,


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