Nail Art

Easter Inspired Nail Art

Happy Easter everyone! I may not have a chocolate Easter egg for you, but here’s my Easter inspired nail art instead ;) Although I did changed my mind in the end, I’ve changed the design on my little finger to a bunny instead. A raving rabbit inside an eggshell to be exact, I just find […]

Converse Shoes Nail Art

I finally found my converse shoes inspired nail art I did over a year ago lurking in my phone. It was my first attempt to do this design so it did not really came to mind to take some photos. So here’s the new one I did with a step by step shots. All you […]

Mother’s Day Nail Art

I was really hesitant whether to post this nail art or not… sharing an idea for a Mother’s day nail art was the main reason why I ended up posting this never mind the paint work. It’s my first attempt doing a portrait nail art, I’ve seen some amazing ones on the internet and it encouraged me even […]

Love Growing Hearts Nail Art

Here’s a nail art that I called “Love Growing Hearts” that I did for a friend last night. She wanted a simple valentines day theme but a colourful one, hmmm she’s not asking too much isn’t she? ;) So here’s what came to mind. Then I found this old heart-shaped picture frame for her to […]

Valentines Day Nail Art

Hello!! It’s that time of the year again when we’re all formally reminded of the most powerful thing there is… Love! ;) I had many designs in mind for my nail art this month but this one was my favourite… Just random and assorted “all about love” freehand art on nails. As you might see, […]

Cosmic Inspired Nail Art

Cosmic is one of the hottest trend for Spring-Summer 2013. Designers are not just looking for inspiration from what’s around us, they’re looking through space and beyond too! But why look far when you can have it right at your fingertips? Here’s a nail art inspired by cosmic colours and highlights of the galaxies. It’s […]

New Year 2013 Nail Art

Happy New Year everyone!! Hope you all had a lovely holidays and are looking forward to what 2013- Year of the Snake may bring. Here’s my first nail art for this year :) I painted my wishes this year in Chinese characters for two obvious reasons… fitted just right on the limited space on each […]

Christmas Nail Art

Here’s my Christmas themed nail art… A bit of Santa Claus, Snowman, Christmas tree, presents and snowflakes. Hope you had a blast this Christmas and wishing you all the best for the New Year ahead!! … and thanks for dropping by :) Lots of love,

Comic Inspired Fashion Nails

Whilst tidying up this morning, I stumble across my hubby’s 28year old comic annual magazine. A pretty cool vintage find… and it just gave me the right inspiration to finally do a new nail art post. There you go, a comic inspired nail art for you. Thanks for dropping by… and if you’ve got a […]