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MyStyleStories At Cosmo Blog Awards 2013

Hello everyone!

How was your week been? Mine was so incredibly busy and exciting! I received an email a couple of weeks ago asking me if I’ve received an invite for the Cosmo Blog Awards. I didn’t really take it to heart because I thought it was just another one of those spam emails I get in my inbox. Somehow I decided to look into it further (thank goodness), and found out that the sender of the email was the social media assistant for Cosmopolitan UK… so I thought, this is for real! I hurriedly and excitedly replied how I would love to go; thankfully I still got sent the invite despite a week late after the RSVP date (phew!) I only realised that I got shortlisted for Cosmo Blog Awards 2013 when I got the email invite congratulating me for being on the shortlist. I then found out there where 43 thousand blog entries and 133 got shorlisted, and I couldn’t believe when I saw MyStyleStories on the Best Newcomer Blog category. I was completely gobsmacked, it just don’t happened to someone like me.

cosmo blog awards 2013

simple makeup tutorial

nail art at cosmo blog awards

I didn’t managed to swap my shift as it was too late, so after my night shift I did a school run in the morning and had a couple of hours sleep before leaving the Dales for London. I work as a nurse so I couldn’t even do my nails beforehand, so I ended up doing my nail art on the train. I got ready at my BFF’s flat and did my hair whilst there and finished my makeup in the taxi as I was running late… I got confused with the tube stations (again!) plus tube delays, so I ended up rushing and losing my two hours preparation time. I wore a Primark shift dress I bought last year during their sale, Moschino leopard print scarf over and secured it with the Primark gold buckled belt. My shoes are Zara; the accessories are Hermes bangle watch courtesy of my BFF Elline, gold earrings and a couple of chunky rings and a vintage bag, big enough to fit my Sony G Lens that I’ve used to take most of my photos (until it died on me).

Cosmopolitan Blog Awards 2013

bloggers at cosmo blog awards 2013

fabulous venues in London and Cosmo blog awards

the venue at Cosmo Blog Awards

cosmopolitan UK

The venue for this year’s Cosmo Blog Awards was at OXO Tower London. Overlooking the Thames at night was just magical, not to mentioned the variety of activities for all the bloggers to get involved in. There was Vintage Cosmetic Company doing eye lashes, had mine nicely done with an au natural lashes; MW nails for free manicures; Hairstyling; Photo Booth and then there’s Pinky Vodka’s cocktails and plenty of delicious canapes going round all night.

fabulous venues in London OXO tower

example of delicious cocktails

nail art ideas and tutorial

hairstyling technique

cosmo blog awards party

I feel so intimated when I got there…  I didn’t know anybody, and being on this kind of event for the very first time as well was nerve racking. Thankfully, Bailee of The Model Foodie (the gorgeous lady below) started talking to me which made me feel more relaxed.

bloggers at cosmo blog awards 2013

meeting bloggers

cosmo blog awards 2013 bloggers

cosmo blog awards winners

bloggers at cosmo blog awards

best dressed at cosmo blog awards

Some of the Best Dressed bloggers- gorg!

bloggers at cosmo blog awards

winners at cosmo blog awards 2013

Some of the winners at the Cosmo Blog Awards this year.

beautiful nail art

Met talented nail artists, Sammy from The Nailasaurus (top) and Lucy from Lucysstash (below) and Alice from One Nail To Rule Them All who won Best New Beauty Blog.

black and white nail art

women from cosmopolitan UK

I met some lovely people from Cosmopolitan too.

who.what.wear at cosmo blog awards

I ended up having a great time and definitely one of my most memorable experiences ever. Just before I left the event, I met the gorgeous Lily from Lily Kitten outside the venue and has kindly took the photo (above) for me. Can’t missed a view like that so thank you once again Lily! It was lovely to meet other new and established bloggers as well, and I went home with a fantastic goodie bag too. I will be giving one amazing item from  the goodie bag for my “Thank You” giveaway soon as my blog turns one year next month- so keep posted as there will be more than just one items for grabs!

goodie bag for cosmo blog awards

Thank you Best British Bloggers for this photo below.

britain's best blogger photo

My blog means so much to me, it’s very personal and I’m very passionate about it despite being busy juggling life around family, home and work. To get recognition such as this was amazing, and I’m very grateful and thankful to all of you who voted for MyStyleStories, and for Cosmopolitan UK and NEXT for choosing my blog to be on their Newcomer category. Knowing that all the hard work you put into something you love was being recognised was very inspiring, I get emotional even remembering it all. Special thanks to my hubby (my unofficial photographer), my daughter for giving me tips sometimes on how to pose, my friend Cherryl Taylor (my other unofficial photographer) and to all of you my MSS followers and visitors!

Very grateful,

Chew - My Style Stories

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  1. Congratulations on getting nominated for this!! That’s amazing, well done :D It looks like you had a lot of fun there too, you must have been so tired afterwards!

    1. Thank you Sian, I still can’t believe I got shortlisted. This don’t happened to someone like me, I was well exhausted that week but it was all worth it! xx

  2. Congrats si!!!! Mystylestories rocks!!!!! =) oh, and I love how your leopard print scarf matches well with the tangerine dress….love it all!!

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