My Top 5 Spring Swap: Wardrobe Edition

Tree and Bluebell Print Dress

Spring has indeed Sprung! Its about time to put away those heavy winter coats and update our wardrobe for a more warm-weather wear. By my book, this doesn’t always mean buying the new trends or the season’s must-haves.. I spring-ify my outfit by simply adding and subtracting or swapping what I already have in my wardrobe. Although I must admit, there are some “new in” clothings from a shop that’s just too hard to miss, and you ended up buying one from time to time. And you know what? I don’t blame you! #guiltyrighthere

First on my Spring Swap list;

Swapping your winter coat for a Duster coat. When it’s not too cold, but not quite hot either, a lightweight duster coat is the perfect outerwear. Great for smartening up a casual daytime outfit, and adds a touch of chic for your night time look.

spring swap know how


Put blanket wraps into storage for a lightweight scarf. Blanket wraps has been keeping me snuggly and bang on trend the past season, but a lightweight pastel coloured scarves has always been in my Spring essentials.

spring swap know how



Bid goodbye to leather trousers for now, and say hello to culottes. Leather trousers was indeed great for keeping your legs nice and toasty during winter months, swap it with flowy and more roomy culottes for Spring and you’ll thank me later.


update your wardrobe from winter into spring

 Time to show those legs and feet into the light by swapping your winter boots for ankle strap sandals. Whilst boots are chic for winter, strap sandals will see you through spring-summer in style.. like those ones from Yumi Direct.

printed blazer

 Tucking away your biker jackets for fun and colourful waterfall blazers, made it to my top 5 wardrobe Spring Swap. That stamp printed blazer from Yumi clothing  is my absolute favourite.


Having mentioned all of the above, just imagine winning an entire wardrobe spring clean for a lovely new collection that’s worth a £1000. I just can’t even!

bloggers competition

Well, guess what my fellow mere mortals? The very thoughtful Yumi Direct is doing a competition right now that will give one of us a chance to win an entire wardrobe makeover worth a grand, I repeat, an Entire Wardrobe Makeover worth a Thousand Pounds!

For more details about this fantabulous competition, please head over to Yumi Direct Journal  ASAP and follow them on Twitter @yumidirect for updates. Competition closes Monday 1st June 2015. Go go go & Goodluck!

Wardrobe spring swaps have been my yearly routine, but this post was inspired by #yumispringswap hoping to bag that incredible price, and thank you Joe Blogs for keeping me updated with Fantastic bloggers event and competition such as this!


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