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My Merry Christmas

Greetings my beloved readers! I hope you’ve had a lovely Christmas and a headache free Boxing Day ;)

I have spent my Christmas at my in law’s house with the whole family; that’s my husband, my super excited little girl and my grandma/sis/mum/father in law. Mum did all the cooking (lucky, I know) although I did offer some help but bless her, she always got it in control in the kitchen. The table was already set when we arrived courtesy of my sis , so we basically just turned up bearing gifts and big excited grins on our faces- always works! :)

Christmas dinner with family outfit

Festive and Colourful Christmas

Behold my mother in law’s perfect roast potatoes… to be honest, it’s that good I could just eat them all on their own.

how to do perfect roast potatoes

how to make the perfect roast dinner

Sitting down together with the family eating a scrumptious Christmas roast dinner and all its trimmings is what always makes my Christmas special.

Christmas pudding, pudding of all pudding

Hmmm and naughty festive Christmas pudding to finished it all off.

caring and playing with family dog

My boxing day however consisted of lounging most of the day with my little girl and hubby, watching TV and eating chocolates (lots and lots!) all day. We eventually had to drag each other downstairs to prepare something decent for dinner apart from sweets and biscuits.

Thinking of my family back in the Philippines, whom have celebrated Christmas 8 hours early, my dad whose hopefully celebrating as well in the afterlife… and thinking of those homeless people and children too; those who barely have food to share or have no family to spend Christmas with; or those who have celebrated at work to look after other people and or to serve their country. My thoughts, prayers and respect go towards these individuals wherever they may be.

Wishing us all good health and blessed days ahead for the coming 2014!

Lots of love,

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