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A Memory of a Great Father

Hello my lovely readers!

This time last year I lost one of the greatest man in my life… and without being biased, he’s one of the best dads anyone could ever have or had too. I’ve never known that kind of pain until I lost my father, it felt like half of me was dead as well. The mixed emotions of emptiness and regret was unbearable, knowing that he’s gone forever from this world will always be difficult to accept, I’m still struggling to accept the fact if not the reality of it. The regret is that I wish I could have done more and better things for him.
All he did and thought of in life was always his children, he wanted the better if not the best education for the three of us despite not been able to finish primary school himself. He did all he could to make that happen, regardless of how he struggled or how other people thought it was impossible he proved them wrong- me and my siblings all finished with a degree.

I could write a book to express how much I love and appreciate you Papa, but thought I’d share it to the world instead! This is definitely worth a space in my blog as he’s one of the reasons why I started it in the first place. He’s my fashion hero! He inspired me that you can never be too poor to express your own style and to feel good about yourself.


Here’s not just a dad, he’s my SuperDad!


Proud daughter,

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  1. I feel ur pain but God has its Own reason for everything..the Heaven gained another angel to watch over u…:)

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