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Last Day of August: Shades of White and Some Dash of Colours

Hey-hey-hey my lovely readers! Look who’s got an outfit post that’s not taken last week or last month…
I’m still catching up with my caravanning holiday post but I thought to take a break from it and post something here and now.

First of all, I would like to share with you that I passed my UK practical driving last week, Hooray! I don’t know how I passed first time, but the world suddenly became a more dangerous place to live- kidding(I hope)! I thought I saved more money though after passing coz’ no more driving lessons and public transport fees, but little did I know there’s more to come… Insurance, Road Tax, MOT and of course, fuelling the car… but I suppose its priceless for that bit of independence and convenience that comes when you’re able to drive. I’ve got myself a Little Red Car that’s just right for me, cute and cheap to run.  I’ve been driving to work and back safely a few times so far but parking has proven a little too tricky, but hopefully practice makes perfect, even in my case.

Also my little girl starts school this week awwww… can’t believe how time flies! So this outfit was taken earlier today after me and my hubby took her shopping mainly for school shoes and clothes, and took the opportunity to take some photos around to share in this post. I’m actually more anxious of her going to school, but she’s very excited on the other hand- thank goodness.

shopping centre in the uk

shopping in the uk

what to see in shopping centre in the UK

sightseeing- city shopping centre

Victorian style shopping centre UK

Victorian style city shopping centre

denim and skinny jeans

shades of white outfit

I’m wearing a New Look tee, my old and slightly distressed white skinny GAP jeans, and finished off with this charity shop find Miss Selfridges oversized chambray as seen with this outfit. I’ve chosen this worn out hand-me-down bag (similar here), for a dash of colour. I kept the outfit in the same colour palette, it’s just like an almost laidback look if not for this red and white wedges. The wedges were a gift from one of my BFF’s and just thought that I needed to wear it before the British summer ends. I kept the accessories simple by putting on a white Fossil watch (old), a hand-me-down jewelled clear Dior bangle and some white gold and silver rings and midi rings.

how to accessorize this season

what i'm wearing

Until next time me lovelies, hope you’ll enjoy the rest of the weekend and thanks for dropping by.

Lots of love,

Chew - My Style Stories

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