Nail Art

Just Like a Real Tiger

Hello everyone! How are you all rawrrring? ;)

I was reading a bedtime story to my daughter one night, and this book titled “Just like a real tiger” gave me an idea to do a tiger print nail art. I wanted it to be unique, so I didn’t stop by just painting the tiger prints, I also did a tiger’s face on one of my nails. Although it sounded difficult at first, I think I managed to do ok I guess.

So here’s how I did it.

tiger print nail art

tiger print nail art

tiger print nail art

tiger print nail art

I love animal prints either on clothes or nails.. it look sexy and fierce, and it never go out of fashion.

tiger print nail art

So there you go, a feline on nails for you :)

with love,

Chew - My Style Stories

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