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Hello My Style Stories readers! ^_^  I’m Ahlea, 16, and I enjoy listening to rock music and I’m obsessed with anime. I’m honoured to be the first feature in this category. My style is mainly influenced by what I feel, and whether I feel comfortable in it or not. I always wear dark colours but I’m trying to change that, I’m trying to start wearing lively colours from now on. And I’m also liking the grunge fashion these days.

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teenage grunge style

outfit with knee high socks

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First of all I’m wearing a green top from Wallis, it’s very thin and light which is perfect for warmer weather. I paired it with a cute floral print and flowy skirt from Topshop, and the best part is- it has pockets! (I love skirts with pockets♡) To finish my outfit, I put on some knee high socks and spiky litas from Amazon… it’s high-heeled but comfortable, and can be dangerous too! hehe ^_^


teenage fashion

unique teenage fashion and style

Thanks for reading, until next time.



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