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Faith in Humanity Restored. Or is it?

I was gonna post about how to nail the AW15 trend for less this season, browsing for hours the latest must-have clothes, shoes and accessories like I don’t care with what’s really going on with the world right now. But you know what, I do. I really do to the point that it makes me wanna give up on humanity thinking more and more about it.

I’m sure we’ve seen some of these videos gone viral; A woman helping a homeless man, a guy offering a seat to an elderly lady or a man rescuing an animal facing an immediate danger with hashtag or caption “Faith in humanity restored”. What I’m curious about was, what had this person experienced or seen that it destroyed her/his faith in humanity? Is it the never ending war and conflicts of humankind? Knowing that there’s almost 60 million people displaced globally because of these conflicts and various tragedies, 19.5 million of them being refugees fleeing from their own country because of direct persecution or death? That’s including children, parents, families, people just like you and me. Or is it the haunting news about what most of these refugees had to go through daily, in search for the very basic life essentials- food, shelter, safety. Whilst these good deeds gone viral are inspiring and touching, I don’t think that’s enough to make you say you’re faith in humanity have been restored by these acts. Like what I’ve just said mentioned above, if you ponder too much with what’s headlining on news recently, it will definitely destroy your faith in humanity big time! It’s not just war and conflicts, there’s global warming, drug addiction, abuse against human and animal rights, as we all know the long list just goes on. How do we keep sane with all of these things happening around us? The love of my parents keep me sane. My love for my family and the hope for the better future keeps me sane. It may sound cheesy but that’s the truth. The love of power and money keep some people sane, too much of it makes them insane, making them do crazy, selfish and sometimes creepy and awful things, right? Anyway, I was just saying our parents unconditional love and support should go viral, with the caption “they restored my faith in humanity”. How about the carers, nurses and people looking after individuals that are not just physically ill but are also emotionally and psychologically unstable. People volunteering their time, talent and skills to raise money for charities, rescuing animals, feeding the homeless and cleaning up the environment and our ocean. There maybe a lot of things that destroys our faith in humanity, but there are many people too that’s keeping it restored. Let’s appreciate more what we have and who we have in our lives, people are fighting and risking their life somewhere just hoping for it. If you already do, then that’s amazing! If you’re someone or know somebody who whinges about silly little things, please remind yourself or them of what other people’s reality are. The Syrian conflict and its impact to surrounding region has resulted in the biggest humanitarian crisis of our time. Some people calling them migrants, but there’s a big difference between migrants and refugees. Migrants choose to move not because their lives are in danger, but mainly to improve their lives by finding work, education, family reunion and other reasons, and if they choose to return home, they will continue to receive the protection of their government. Unlike refugees who simply cannot return home safe. Can we help them? Yes we can! They say charity begins at home, and I agree.. Go on your laptop or whilst on your mobile phone and make a difference to someone’s life across the globe right at the comfort of your own home. The UNHCR- United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees lead and coordinate international action to protect refugees and resolve refugee problems worldwide. Please go on their UNHCR website and donate any amount you can, it’s easy and secure. Please share it on Facebook and other social media so more people will know about their work and how they can help too. When you’ve done this, please feel free to #RestoringFaithinHumanity on twitter and Instagram, with either a photo of you or the person or persons restoring your faith in humanity.

Syrian refugees and how can we help

Thank you for taking your time reading and sharing this post, and if you’ve donated- thank you so much for helping #RestoringFaithinHumanity

Remember, every little helps! :)

Lots of love,

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