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Easy Steps to Ombré Nails

Just posting a quick hello and this easy steps to an Ombré nails tutorial. It’s lovely for this spring and summer, either to a party or just on your days off.

First, colour your nails with a white base coat.

simple Ombré nails tutorial

Second, apply some hand-cream or lotion around your fingernails. This is because it’s a lot easier to tidy up the excess nail polish around your nails later.

simple Ombré nail art tutorial

Third, choose your favourite spring-summer nail polish colours. Three will be enough, but I’ve used five colours in this tutorial.

spring & summer colours nail polish

Fourth, paint a nail polish unto the sponge. Apply one colour at a time as quick and neat as possible, then dab the sponge gently on your nails.

simple Ombré nail art tutorial

Do the procedure above one nail at a time. Use a generous amount of nail polish when painting unto sponge, if you want the colours to popped out otherwise one coat will be enough if you want it slightly faded.

spring-summer Ombré nail art tutorial

Tidy around the edges using a cotton wool with alcohol, it should be a lot easier if you’ve done the second step. Always protect your nail art with clear top coat, for a glossy finished and it make it lasts longer too.

Ombré nail art tutorial

Hope you find this easy steps to spring-summer ombré nail art helpful, do let me know what you think about it down in the comment box. Thank you and hope to see you again soon…

with love,

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