DIY Embellished Sunglasses

Hello summer lovers! The weather is finally warming up and the sun is shining out for longer, and that can only mean one thing, time to take those sunnies out into the light. I’ve got really sensitive eyes and doing night shifts most of the time does not help. So I always have sunglasses with me for when I’m driving back home in the daylight with tired eyes, regardless if it’s cloudy or raining, I’ve just gotta have them on! So you can just imagine during summer time how I’m reliant on them, they do a good job hiding those big bags under my eyes too. I think I have about 10 pairs of sunglasses from round shapes to aviators, to oversized and cat-eyes. Most of them are purchased from the high street stores and I’ve got a couple that are designers that I bought from a second hand shop, but are still in mint condition. Embellished sunglasses are my favourite, like these floral embellished one in white that I bought from Asos last year. I’ve only got one pair of these though and that made me think why not make my own embellished sunglasses, a colourful one! So this summer I did exactly that, and hope you’ll like it.

cheap DIY embellished sunglasses

how to make you own embellished sunnies

DIY fashionable sunglasses

The sunnies I’ve used here are from Primark, I just bought some floral embellishments from a bead shop. I’ve used super glue to stick on those cute flowers, but you could also use glue gun. Here are my other favourite DIY sunglasses embellishments for more inspiration.

types of sunglasses

Pretty and classy ones by Cupcakes and Cashmere.

celebrity style sunglasses Those famous sunnies by Moo Piyasumbatkol worn by many celebrities are a bit expensive, so why not try this bargain version that still looks as stylish by Operation DIY using polymer clay.

Rihanna pearl frame sunglasses Chew - My Style Stories

Or try making this Chanel inspired pearl frame sunglasses by Oomphelicious that are just as chic as the designer counterpart.

Will you have a go at some of these DIY embellished sunnies? Please share your thoughts in my comment box below. Thanks for dropping by and hope you’ll check out my next post again.

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