Denim Love: Denim on Denim

example of denim  on denim

Denim has believed to be used since the 17th century. Today, this sturdy cotton warp-faced twill textile is still widely use worldwide, from clothing, accessories to furnitures. I must say, fashion will never be the same without the creation of the world’s oldest and most treasured fabric, and like Denim itself, my love for it is eternal :)

I have been a denim user and lover at a young age, my big brothers hand-me-down denim jeans and jacket are what I grew up in with. You can never go wrong or be out of style with denim, it’s timeless as it’s as versatile. Take the denim jeans for instance, you can wear it with just about anything.. from heeled shoes, boots to flip flops. Pair it with a plain tee, sleeveless and long sleeve top or with another denim #DoubleDenim

denim on denim outfit

denim on denim outfit

My outfit consist of a western denim l dug from Marks and Spencer reduction sale, the graphic tee I’ve paired it with is New Look and the high-waisted denim shorts was a recent vintage haul for a fiver. A wedge sneakers for a touch of sass (and elevation), and round sunnies from Topshop, just keeping it cool  ;)

denim on denim outfit

Whatever the weather or however you wear it, denim is always cool and hot all at the same time! Please let me know how would wear the Double Denim trend this season in the comment box below, and thank you so much for stopping by.



Photography by my Hubby

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    lIKE IT

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