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Cosmic Inspired Nail Art

Cosmic is one of the hottest trend for Spring-Summer 2013. Designers are not just looking for inspiration from what’s around us, they’re looking through space and beyond too! But why look far when you can have it right at your fingertips?

Here’s a nail art inspired by cosmic colours and highlights of the galaxies. It’s so simple you only need 4-6 different shades of nail polish and a cotton bud. You can also use a makeup sponge instead of the cotton bud, but I find the latter much easier to work around nails.

cosmic inspired nail art tutorial

1.Paint your nails with dark base coat.

2. Dab the cotton bud gently on the nail polish brush and lightly pat unto the nails using a swirly motion, diagonal or any random direction on each nails. I used a white with pearl effect nail polish as my first colour.

cosmic inspired nail art tutorial

3. Pat the second colour just around the edges of the first colour using the other side of the cotton bud. Here, I am using a pearl effect peach nail polish.

cosmic inspired nail art tutorial

4. Pat the third colour gently, I am using a sparkly blue nail polish this time. On the same manner, patting just outside the edges of the last colour.

cosmic inspired nail art tutorial

5. Using a fine dotting tool or toothpick, dip it on the white nail polish then scatter small dots over each nails. Make it as small dots as possible.

cosmic inspired nail art tutorial

6. Finished it off with a glittery/sparkly clear coat… protect it with a top coat (optional), I’ve used a “quick dry” clear nail polish. Tidy up around the edges using a cotton bud with nail polish remover…

and tadah!

cosmic inspired nail art

Hope you find this cosmic inspired nail art tutorial helpful and thanks for dropping by.

with love,


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