Caravanning Summer Seaside Holiday: Day Three

Hello everyone! It’s a catch-up post once again from my caravanning seaside holiday last summer. I can’t believe I’ve just mentioned “last summer” already. So far we still get sunshine every now and again, but I can certainly feel the coldness of autumn that I’ve started to wear my “layers” this week.

Whitby East Cliff

what to see in Whitby North Yorkshire

Whitby East Coast North Yorkshire

whalebone arch Whitby North Yorkshire

Whitby alleyway

world famous novel Dracula from Whitby

We spent the third day of our seaside holiday in the traditional maritime and tourist heritage town of Whitby. It’s situated at the east coast of North Yorkshire, dominated by the cliff-top ruins of the magnificent 13th century Whitby Abbey- a Benedectine abbey where Caedmon, the earliest English poet once lived. Spreading below Whitby, a maze of alleyways and narrow streets run down to the busy quayside. There you’ll find an array of unique shops offering local crafts, the famous Whitby Jet jewellery (mines by the Romans & Victorians), maritime memorabilia and antiques, English tea rooms and Award-winning seafood restaurants. From the old town of Whitby, a 199 steps lead up to the parish church of St. Mary, whose churchyard on Whitby’s East Cliff gave Bram Stocker inspiration to finish his world famous novel- Dracula. Whitby functioned as a fishing settlement around 18th century, and developed as a port and centre for shipbuilding and whaling. Statues of James Cook and William Scoresby and a Whalebone Arch seen today, all pointed to Whitby’s maritime heritage.

list of award seafront restaurant

world's famous English fish and chips shop

Iboast and fishing boats in Whitby

what I’m wearing seaside outfit

colourful boats seaside holiday

what to do in Whitby east coast

seafront views Whitby North Yorkshire

sightseeing east coast Yorkshire

things to do and see east coast north Yorkshire

The sun didn’t showed up all throughout that day as you can see on some of the photos, the weather looked really grey and cloudy… but most of the view still looks as stunning. Just imagine that the sun was shining, feeling the warm summer seaside breeze while looking at those unique historical sceneries- very special indeed! On the plus side, it didn’t feel chilly even at the seafront thank goodness, as I was only wearing shorts and sheer top.

how to wear animal prints

what to wear with animal print outfit

My white shorts ware purchased ages ago (maybe 4 or 5 years now) from a charity shop, this vintage tiger print top was given to me by my bff, and the leather belt to finished the look was bought from TK Maxx sale. The bag is Russell and Bromley, got it at 75% off from a designer agency nearby and still had the tag on when I bought it. I just put on minimal accessories and my wedge sandals was still the same footwear from my other caravanning holiday post.

animal print and white shorts

what I'm wearing on my summer holiday

We really had a lovely time despite of the indecisive weather, especially after having the yummiest fish and chips I’ve ever tasted and devowed ever! Yep, at the end of the day… it’s always about food ;)

Thanks for dropping by, and hope you’ll be back for the last of my caravanning summer seaside holiday post.

Lots of love,

Chew - My Style Stories

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