Caravanning Summer Seaside Holiday: Day 2

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It’s the first day of the bank holiday weekend in the UK, and here I am trying squeez in day two of my caravanning holiday from last month. I did made an effort to take some snaps to share with you, hoping that you’ll always feel part of my MSS (My Style Stories) journey even on my simple family holidays. It’s also nice to show you the lovely and historical places in England that I’ve been to; hoping to give you more ideas for your next holiday perhaps, or if you’re not ever coming, at least you’ve seen these places in photos. I know for a fact from my own experience, being from the other side of the world, I’d never heard of most of these amazing places in England, apart from London of course. For most people I know back in the Philippines, London is England and England is London, but of course there’s more to England than London.

North bay Scarborough, North Yorkshire

Places to see: North Bay Scarborough

cable car remains, North Bay Scarborough

North Bay miniature railway

Sealife sanctuary

Scarborough Castle, North Bay

We spent day two of our caravanning seaside holiday in North Bay Scarborough. Scarborough is the largest holiday resort on the Yorkshire coast; the modern town lies 3-70 meters above sea level, and the older part of the town lies above the harbour and is protected by a rocky headland. The most striking feature of Scarborough town’s geography is a high rocky promontory pointing eastward into the North Sea; this supports the 11th century ruins of Scarborough Castle and separates the sea front into two bays, to the North and South. I will focus on North Bay in this post as we went back to Scarborough on our last day but were in South Bay that time. North Bay is a sandy beach with rocky outcrops to the North which becomes isolated at high tide and provides rock pool areas at low tide. The North Bay is home to Peasholm Park, Sea Life Centre and Northstead Manor Gradens which includes the North Bay Miniature Railway, which is believed to have the oldest operational diesel hydraulic locomotive in the world. In this bay also lie the remains of cable car pylons which once led to Marvel Amusement Park.

Scarborough Sealife jellyfish

Scarborough Sealife peguins

Scarborough Sealife seals

Seaside Scarborough Sealife

Scarborough Sealife what to do

Scarborough Sealife, North Yorkshire

under the sea Scarborough Sealife

Sealife 3 iconic triangular buildings

We spent most of our day two in Scarborough Sea Life Centre. This sea life sanctuary offers a unique mix of indoor and outdoor exhibits and over 50 displays of marine life including seals, otters and penguins.

shades of blue seaside outfit

what to wear with vintage denim shorts

summer seaside holiday outfit

vintage Levis denim shorts

styling ombre outfit

I’m wearing my vintage Levis denim shorts I bought from a Vintage Festival I’ve been to, my 8 years old strapless vintage top handed down to me by my mum, and put on my Primark ombre knitted cardigan I bought from their final reduction sale. My sling stripe bag is Lulu Guinness, I bought it with my birthday money last April and put on my summer holiday’s favourite wedge sandals.

lulu guinness stripe bag

colour coordinated summer outfit

summer seaside holiday outfit

We were just so lucky with the weather on that day; it was cloudy and muggy with sporadic downpours while we were inside the Sea Life Centre. Once we decided to venture out to the seaside, the sun decided to show up, we truly had a wonderful time indeed.

summer seaside family fun

Until next time, thanks for your time and hope you’ll drop by again soon.

Lots of love,

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