Caravanning Summer Seaside Holiday: Day 1

Hello me lovelies! How’s your week so far?

As I’ve mentioned on my previous post; me, hubby and my little girl went for seaside caravanning holiday last month. We went at the North East coast of Yorkshire, which is roughly 2 hours’ drive from where we live.

seaside boats in Filey North Yorkshire east coast

seaside Filey North Yorkshire England

summer seaside fun activities

summer seaside holiday fun

summer seaside holiday activities

Our first day consisted of staying in bed a bit longer and then went swimming at the caravan park’s indoor pool. We decided later on to venture out to the seaside, so we headed to Filey. Filey is a traditional English seaside resort with a friendly atmosphere, it has enjoyed the reputation of being a seaside resort since Victorian days. Located at the North East coast of England, it started out as a fishing village; it has a large beach and still is a popular tourist resort to date. As you can see in the photos, the weather was cloudy and muggy but on the bright side… at least it wasn’t raining.

seaside holiday outfit

seaside outfit ideas

summer holiday accessories

I was wearing a sleeveless dress that I hauled from a charity shop Help the Aged and put over this Primark cardigan I bought last summer. Although the weather isn’t cold, but the seaside wind was enough to make you feels chilly without a cardigan on. I’ve forgotten the brand of the sunnies but I remember buying them for half price. I like the floral print on each side of the sunglasses; it just went well with my outfit’s colour palette. I bought the Primark two tone earrings for 50p, they just added a touch of elegance. The only heeled footwear I bought on my holiday was my trusted charity shop find wedge– Russell & Bromley.

seaside outfit

seaside fun

simple elegant summer dress

We definitely did not let the weather ruined our chance to have fun.

fluffy cloud nail art

I specifically painted this blue skies and fluffy clouds nail art for my holiday, just in case the weather turned out to be the opposite, just like that day, so I looked at my nails instead ;)

artistic expressive tree

All in all it was still a lovely day just being with my family, enjoying the sea, sand and it was only day one. More to come though… and hope you’ll drop by again soon.

Lots of love,

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