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Haiyan Victims Appeal- Bangon Visayas!

Bangon Visayas!

Hello good citizens of the world! I hope you’re having a lovely weekend so far.

Thinking of my fellow countrymen in the Philippines who were hit by the typhoon Haiyan (locally know as Yolanda) last November 8, causing catastrophic damage to areas where thousands of people are already homeless after an earthquake in mid-October. Tacloban City (capital of Leyte Province) alone was once called home by 220,000 people, and what once a vibrant city sorrounded by lush green parks is now grey and barren wasteland. Its very hearthbreaking to watch on the news the devastating effect of this strongest storm ever to make landfall, and the scale of it’s damage is beyond belief. It has been estimated to 11.5 million people have now been affected and over a third are children, Philippine officials say the death toll has now risen to 3,621 and the actual number was likely to be higher (Source BBC News, 15th November).

Haiyan Typhoon Victims Appeal

Haiyan Typhoon latest update

I am very grateful  for all the countries, organisations and group of individuals who are giving donations and rescue operations to my beloved kababayan. It’s amazing to see how humankind help each other in times of crisis and devastation such as this.

Haiyan Typhoon donations and aids

I’ve given a donation to Red Cross’s Typhoon Haiyan Appeal, and there are other ways to donate too- Unicef and Save the Children are some of them.  You can also text the word SUPPORT to 70000 (UK only) for an instant £5 donation towards DEC Philippine Crisis Appeal.

Thank You Very Much for your Prayers, Supports and Donations, remember- “Every little helps” :)


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