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A Shoe Love at First Sight

This is a story about a love at first sight….

Once upon a time… I browsed the Zara website, and found this elegant shoes. My eyes were filled with hearts and I cannot wait to have it in my arms, and so I went for next day delivery! ;)

There’s no denying it, I fell in love all over again.


elegant accessories

I went for a simple chic date night outfit for my first look; a Burberry top, [purchased for a fiver at a charity shop], peach vintage pencil skirt [thrifted online for a couple of quid], and for a touch of warm and elegance, I added a black faux fur coat over my shoulder [a half price purchased from H&M sale]. I pulled out the leather belt from my coat and used it to secure my pencil skirt in placed up my midriff area, thankfully, it looked like it just belong there. I added a black clutch bag to finished my look.

date night outfit ideas

To be honest, the outfits that goes with this kind of shoes are endless! You can pair these with a skinny jeans, a dress, shorts, skirt or skort… for either a day or an evening look, and you’ll always look banging! Well, at least that’s how it made me feel every time I put these on! LOL

chic style outfit black and white

Have you had this feeling before towards a shoe or bag perhaps? Don’t get me wrong though, I’m not one of those people who marry inanimate objects. #Justsaying



Photo taken by my first love  ;)

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