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A Day Out: Cool Tones and Ombré

Happy Weekend Everyone!

Here I was doing two of my favourite things… window shopping and food hopping! I’m out and about with my lovely and bubbly friend on a nice cool sunny day in town, and have managed to take some outfit shots too.

We started our journey in town by stopping by for a brunch at a recently opened cafe. I ordered a pain au chocolat and mango shake whilst enjoying a good chat and laugh with my friend. The cafe had lovely wooden furnishings and a very relaxed and cosy atmosphere which I really liked.

day out summer outfit

shopping outfit

how to wear ombre outfits

This knitted ombre cardigan was the base of this whole look. I really wanted to wear it for ages since I bought it from Primark sale, but I was just waiting for the right moment and weather to wear it. I paired it up with a vintage peachy colour sheer blouse I bought from a friend for less than a fiver, and green Topshop skinny jeans which was handed-down to me by one of my friend also. I thought the colour tones of each clothing item just blended well with each other but still doesn’t look too much of a colour spill.

colourful summer outfit

My white strap sandals is River Island, bought it a couple of years ago from their sale. The black sunglasses with white floral details is Asos, a recent purchased of mine and have been one of my favourite sunnies recently.

summer casual outfit

We went window shopping next after browsing the sales and bargains in the high-street… I ended up buying an overall skirt from Miss Selfridges and accessories from New Look, all of which were on sale for more than half-priced.

summer outfit ideas

We went for a light lunch at a nearby restaurant. We ordered a seafood platter with some fresh salad and skinny chips (can’t have without it) and a glass of sparkling white wine for my friend and a mango juice for me. I’ve got a thing for mango if you’ve noticed ;)

dining out day outfit

Holding the glass of wine as a prop for this shot, we sat outside and have enjoyed the sunny weather indeed.

dine out casual outfit

summer trend floral sunnies

Thank you for joining me in this style story and hope to see you again soon xx

with love,

Chew – My Style Stories

Photography by Lloyd Villanueva

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    1. Chew says:

      thank you Malena :) I love your style and you look gorgeous in all your outfit post x

  1. Kirsty says:

    Very cute cardigan!! I nominated you for the liebster award blogger game:

    :) x

    1. Chew says:

      Thank you so much Kirsty, really appreciate it xx will try respond to it asap!

  2. Diana says:

    like how you put two colors together

    1. Chew says:

      Thank you dear :) I’ve seen your blog and I’m loving your outfit posts, keep it up xx

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