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A 1940’s Weekend Experience

1940's entertainment

RAF Plotting room display

vintage telephones

1940's costume and outfit

Last week the beautiful town of Pateley Bridge held their first 1940’s Weekend. It’s a family friendly event organised by local enthusiasts meant to evoke the wartime spirit.. some doorways were sandbagged, windows taped up and an airaid patrol post erected to watch over the town. There were plenty of interesting wartime themed displays and events too. There’s demonstrations and exhibitions of the Battle of Britain, RAF Plotting Room and Display, wartime uniforms and memorabilia display, bomb disposal display, demonstrations and different arrays of military and civilian vehicles up and running in and around the high street. Spitfire even flew over Pateley at one point during the event!

vintage outfit and costume


1940's weekend experience

a blogger experience

vintage car display

My favourite bit of the event was everyone are welcomed to dress up- and so obviously I did! These army green coordinates are just perfect, the colour and the fur neckline detailing are very 1940’s. I bought this vintage long sleeve top and skirt at the Harrogate Vintage Festival. I paired it with a vintage inspired handbag and cream shoes to match.

vintage military vehicle

Observer corps in WW2

wartime history

example of vintage military vehicle



vintage wartime civilian vehicle

awesome vintage items

example of vintage wartime items

1940's Spitfire Plane

The entertainments includes live music, singing and organised tea and swing dances, and a traditional vintage fairground for the little ones. For shopping enthusiasts, the vintage fair inside Pateley Bridge’s Memorial Hall was the place. Then there was a makeshift bar and food stall, served by women and or men in their cool 1940’s outfits.

intage women military uniforms

vintage shopping

vintage fair and display

quirky vintage outfit and costume

vintage women outfits and cotumes

I thoroughly enjoyed my 1940’s Wartime Weekend experience!. The fact that we the younger generations will never know exactly what they had to go through back then, that I find this kind of event very interesting and important. It gives a little glimpse of the kind of experiences and life they were living, and helps remind us today to be grateful and thankful.


Thumbs up to all of these cool and stylish 1940’s weekenders!

vintage outfit ideas

vintage wartime outfit and costume

respect to all military women

Big respect and appreciation to all our wartime heroes, men and women.

And thanks to all the lovely people who are in these photos. Hope you’ll come and experience the 1940’s Weekend in Pateley one day, or if you’ve been to one somewhere, please do share your experience on the comment box below.

Lots of love,

Chew - My Style Stories

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  1. Ellie Mae Hague says:

    Loved the 1940’s weekend, all the pictures look great! Glad I could be a part of your blog :)
    love Elle (the one with long blonde hair) haha

    1. Chew says:

      Thanks Ellie :) You look retro fab, the hairstyle and outfit looks great on you x

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